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AusPost Registration

A whole new way to sign up.

After building the new AusPost registration app, a complete rethink of how customers create an account, we needed a bold way to announce and reveal the new customer journey.

Inspired by similar perspective and 3D-esque interface reveal videos (such as those by Apple), I wanted to give it a go myself. Created entirely in Adobe After Effects having never used the software before, I worked on this reveal video for over 6 weeks, usually at night after work. My deadline was our end-of-year showcase in mid-December, 2018.

The bulk of the work was recreating each interface element directly in After Effects. As you can imagine, this was not a simple task as After Effects is not a prototyping application. Less than a week before the showcase, I added the multiple 3D cameras used to provide the different camera angles seen in the video. The music had to be epic too, in this case a shortened version of The Reveal by David Bruggemann.

Making the video was certainly a challenge, more time-consuming than I had originally imagined, but an achievable one nonetheless. The video was very well received both internally and externally.